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We turning ideas into memorable images, from pre-production, on set to post production, we execute the wild idea and turn it into an eye-catching video.


Preparation always the key to produce an eye-catching video, we start with blending marketing message into mind blowing video script, coordinate the activities of writers, director, client and other personnel throughout the production process, and compile it into a PPM (Pre-production meeting) deck as final call before on-set.

– Art direction
– Budgeting
– Call-sheet
– Director treatment
– Location recce/scouting
– Props prep
– Storyboard
– Talent casting
– Video script

On-set production

Series of functional departments contribute each strengths to make great filming, and there’s always someone shouting: Quiet on set! Roll sound, sound speeds, roll camera, ACTION! 

– Art & props
– Drone shot
– Directing
– Filming
– Lighting & grip
– Make up & hair-do
– Photography
– Voice recording
– Wardrobe

Post production

Arranging the recorded footages with mood, rhythm, and color to deliver its message completely in the right tone as final outcome. 

– After effect
– Color grading
– Motion graphics
– Sound design
– Video editing
– Voice over


Types of videos we produce

From storytelling in branded contents and campaign-focused commercials to creating eye-catching product hero videos and corporate narratives that tell your brand’s story, we transform your ideas into good stories, beautifully told.

Get ready to roll out

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We are a video & visual production company based in Malaysia, we catch people’s eyeballs with imaginative visuals.

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